Chantal Guevara - Freelance Dance Manager & Producer

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I'm a freelance dance producer, programmer and photographer; while my background is in dance, I also work in youth theatre, community theatre, musical theatre, film and visual arts.

I've worked as an arts manager and producer since 2007, working with a number of emerging choreographers on a one-to-one basis on developing their skills in admin, marketing, business development and funding. I've also mentored and managed a number of choreographers, and assisted them with producing, publicity and marketing.

In addition to management and producing, I have a strong background in marketing and PR, and my key interests are audience development and profile-building, especially through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

I'm also very interested in dance development and artist support, and helping companies and choreographers reach their full potential, identifying funding and partnership opportunities where possible.

I'm also very good at producing shows: I've been producing Cloud Dance Festival since founding it in 2007; I've also produced and production managed Cloud Dance Sundays, Cloud Dance Friends, Made Up North and other shows for clients, on request.


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