Chantal Guevara
Dance producer, photographer and researcher

I've been working in the independent dance sector for over 10 years as a producer, consultant, project manager, observer, researcher and photographer, and I'm the Chair of IDMN, the dance producers' network.

My projects have included Cloud Dance, Cloud Dance Festival, Cloud Dance Sundays, Made Up North and Blue Cloud Scratch.

I'm currently focussing on my own projects and advocacy work while continuing to work with a small number of artists.

My key areas of interest are artist support, network development, advocating for the independent sector, and regional practice.

As a producer, I've worked with small-scale and midcareer dance artists, and I've produced a large number of shows over the years, ranging from scratch nights and open space events to festivals.

I now work with artists on a short-term basis and offering one-to-one consultancy sessions on a wide range of topics.

I've worked as a photographer for a number of years, photographing all artforms but specialising in dance, particularly rehearsal and performance.

Companies I've photographed include ENB, Tom Dale Company, Kidd Pivot and Hubert Essakow, as well as many smaller-scale companies.

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Over the years, I've researched a wide range of issues relevant to the independent dance sector, including unpaid work, rates of pay and funding distribution.

My research has been published by One Dance UK and on Cloud Dance Festival.

My other work includes marketing, PR, reviewing, journalism, web design, filming, technical support and generally being a helping hand.

To contact me, please email [email protected]